Each year a sizeable portion of the apple (and pear and quince) harvest trundles along to the juice shed, where our fabulous juicing machine whirs and clunks tirelessly to extract the lovely juice from all the fruit. The juice is then pasteurised and a tiny amount of vitamin C is added (to stop it from going brown) before it gets sealed away into bottles, ready to be taken to a new home. There are no nasty chemicals or additives, just all the natural goodness, as nature intended. And what is more, from the moment the fruit is picked from the trees to when the bottle is sat on the shelf of the shop, it has never left the site: think food yards, not food miles!

As the harvest of fruit from the orchards varies somewhat each year, so too does the juice. This year we have a range of varieties and blends which we think offer a great array of flavours and sweetnesses, from the sweet favourite Cox Orange Pippin to the ‘draw your backside to your elbows’ Bramley, with lots and lots in between. Here is the full list:

  • Cox Orange Pippin
  • Egremont Russet
  • Norfolk Royal Russet
  •  St Edmunds Russet
  •  Summer Blend
  • Autumn Blend
  • Winter Blend
  • Discovery
  • Quince (with Jona Red)
  • Pear (with Bramley)


Unfortunately due to the current public health crisis we are currently unable to offer tastings of our various juices. We look forward to getting the tasting table back out just as soon as it is safe to do so.