Given how well our apple juice goes down, it seemed only natural to take the next step and start making the grown-up’s version! So, over the last few years, more cider apple trees have been planted and lots of work has been put into turning the proceeds into delicious cider. Once again, it never leaves Drove Orchards, with the juice being fermented and processed entirely here on site.


We have two different still ciders in our ‘Dry’ and ‘Medium’ blends and we then also produce a carbonated version of the medium for those who are fans of the bubbles! Also look out for our rather unusual bottle-conditioned cider when it’s available.


All the ciders are available in 500ml bottles, but the still varieties are also available in 2Ltr and 5Ltr flagons or indeed by the 20Ltr ‘bag in a box’ – every occasion is catered for!


Dry, Still (5.8% abv.): A delicately flavoured cider; with a little astringency but without being really dry. Fabulously refreshing on a warm day.


Medium, Still (5.6% abv.): Undoubtedly our most popular cider; it is a sweeter blend of apples giving a fuller-bodied flavour. Incredibly easy to drink, particularly good when mulled.


Sparkling (5.6% abv.): A carbonated version of the medium still although the bubbles have the effect of making it a little drier. Simply serve in a big glass full of ice!


Bottle Conditioned (7.2% abv.): Bottle-conditioned beers are readily available, but ciders are few and far between, so this one is a bit of a rarity. Undergoing secondary fermentation in the bottle the cider develops a natural light effervescence, a higher alcohol content and a really interesting, complex flavour. Best served lightly chilled. One for the connoisseur!