Apples & Pears

Here in Thornham, we have over 40 acres of active orchards in which we grow 160 different varieties of apples and pears, including more than 120 varieties which are native to East Anglia. We have the well-known and much beloved Cox’s Orange Pippin, Bramley, Discovery, Laxtons and Worcester. There is a plethora of Russets, from Egremont and St. Edmonds to Pineapple and the Norfolk Royal (from just down the road in Burnham Overy Staithe). And then there are the East-Anglian heritage orchards: a lovingly curated collection of over 100 varieties native to the region. There are some really unusual (and delicious) varieties to be found here, while at the same time preserving a little slice of our history and heritage.

When the apples are in season, we do appreciate that the amount of choice on offer can make choosing difficult, so our customers are always free to try the apples before committing to a choice or we are always more than happy to help point you towards the right varieties for you.